Chicken Wings

 1 Stick of Butter (cut in thirds)

Louisiana Hot Sauce (1 bottle)

Chicken wings


     Their ain't no tricks here now and for every wing you put down for supper then that's 1 kilo more you'll be lifting your next training session. 

     Get your coals on the grill blazing hot and have enough to last you about a half hour. Wash your wings off with warm water and be sure to spray your grill grates with non stick oil. Give your wings about 3-5 minues each side on a direct fire then transfer to indirect and let em' cook slowly for about 25 minutes. When the internal temp reads 165 degrees they are done. Put 1 pound at a time in a mixing bowl along with a third of that butter. Start pouring on your hot sauce (as much as you like) and give them a couple flips. Enjoy.