1 French Bread Loaf

   3 Catfish Filets

   1 Head Shredded Lettuce

   2 Sliced Tomatoes

   Dill Pickles

   Tartar Sauce

   Louisiana Hot Sauce

   2 Cups Corn Meal

   1 Cup Flour

   3 Tablespoons Tony Chachere's Seasoning

   2 eggs

   3 Lemons

   1Quart of Canola Oil


    There are three things in life I can't do without. Good books, Po-boys, and great sex. HA! I was going to wait to share this recipe because it is my favorite dish. Today is my birthday, however, and this is my gift to you. Growing up I put down deep fried catfish like nobody's business and even today I will eat it straight from the fryer or raid the fridge and eat it cold. This recipe is guaranteed to make you stronger than you ever imagined. Gonna put 40 kilos on your total.


   Anyone who doesn't like fried food is just a pain in the ass Yankee without a bit of soul in their bones. Deep frying is an art. It is tough getting that oil just right so be sure to use a thermometer. In a Dutch oven or cast iron skillet pour in all of your oil and set the temperature to slightly above medium. As soon as it reaches 360 degrees you are ready to fry. Too cold and you have soggy bottom boys and if it is too hot you burn the breading but the fish ain't done. The cast iron distributes the heat evenly so you do not end up with any hot spots. 


   Mix your eggs in a bowl making a wash. Make sure you rinse off all your fish then give them a dip in the egg wash. Have your corn meal and flour mixed together on a plate with your Tony's thrown in as well. Start breading your filets making sure to not miss any spots. Take your time breading and you will end up with some gorgeous fish. After you have breaded the fish drop each one in the oil. It is a good idea to make sure and have your filets at room temperature when you do this or else you will cool down the oil and lose your heat. 


   Have some paper towels on plates set aside for when the fish is done. It should only take approximately 7 minutes or so. If the oil is right they are done when your breading turns golden brown. Once the color has been reached take your filets out and set them on your paper towels. Squeeze a full lemon on each fillet and give those baby's another pinch of Tony's while they are sizzling. 


    Slice your french bread loaf lengthwise and tartar up both ends generously. Assemble your lettuce, tomatoes and pickles on one side and then bring your golden brown filets over on yonder. Lay each filet gently down on the naked side of the bread then fold her up. Slice three Po-boys then plate them up with your trusty bottle of Louisiana hot sauce next to you. After each bite put a little dabble of Louisiana on the next bite. This is the only one way to eat catfish. Serves 3 weightlifters. ENJOY!


P.S.  Slice up some potatoes and drop them in the oil for your own homemade chips.