3lb Bone Out Leg of Lamb

   5 Medium Sized Organic Tomatoes

   8Yellow Baby Bell Peppers (halved lengthwise)

   1 Large Yellow Onion

   2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

   2 Pinches Crushed Rosemary

   5 Teaspoons Cumin

   2 Tablespoons Crushed Red Pepper

   2 Teaspoons Sea Salt

   2 Tablespoons Louisiana Hot Sauce

   6-8 Skewers


    Cut your lamb into bite size pieces and place in large bowl with your oil, cumin, rosemary and hot sauce. Mix and let that marinate for about 2 hours and if its cold let it reach to room temperature.(Never cook cold meat!) Cut your tomato's and onion into bite size pieces and stick on skewer alternating with lamb and bell pepper. Once all your skewer's are ready salt each one and place indirectly over a charcoal grill. Cook these low and slow for about 2 hours between a heat of 250-300 degrees. Kabobs are done when the vegetables and meat have a nice char on them. Serve with a cucumber and spinach salad. Enjoy!